• LOCATION: 11315 N. 46th St., Tampa, FL 33617
  • FESTIVAL HOURS: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Pirates May Plunder but Pets Prevail

Pirates May Plunder but Pets Prevail March 4, 1544 It was a rather interesting weekend in the Village of Fittleworth. Never before have I seen a celebration of Pirates,…

K.H. February 25, 1544

Trade Not Raid!

Trade Not Raid! March 11, 1544     What a weekend at the Festival in Fittleworth. This past weekend was a Barbarian celebration.…

K.H. February 19, 1544

The Festivities Have Begun

The Festivities Have Begun February 18, 1544 Wow, what a weekend to begin the Festivities in Fittleworth. A true celebration of Scottish Heritage with Heavy Games,…

K.H. February 18, 1544

Adventure to Fittleworth

Adventure to Fittleworth February 11, 1544 The Royal Progress has begun yet again. For those of you living under a rock (figuratively and literally) the Royal Progress…

K.H. February 11, 1544