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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any inquiries concerning the Bay Area Renaissance Festival's abundance of entertainment? You've definitely come to the correct location. Here is a collection of some of the most typical queries that our customers ask. Look around to see if you can locate what you're searching for.

Common Questions

2024 Location
12838 Auton Rd., Dade City, FL 33525

2024 Hours
Weekends (Sat. & Sun)
Feb. 17 – Mar. 31
10am – 6pm

Jousting happens 3 times a day. 12:30pm, 2:30pm & 4:30pm. This is FREE to enjoy and included with festival admission.

Parking is free.

The Bay Area Renaissance Festival does NOT allow outside food or beverages through our gates unless the food is a medical necessity such as infant formula/baby food. (The Festival will allow one (1) unopened (factory sealed) 20 oz bottle of water per person to be brought through the front gate.) NO re-useable/re-fillable bottles are allowed. All flasks must be empty before entering the Festival gates! You may bring a cooler to leave in your car if you wish. If you choose to do so it must remain in your car. Patrons are welcome to leave through our gates, receive a hand stamp, return to their car and reenter through our gates later during the same day. Please note: all bags are inspected at the front gate! (This is for our employee’s and patron’s safety!) If you have any questions, please call 352-999-5946.

Special Diet
The Renaissance Festival makes every effort to accommodate the needs of our guests. If you adhere to a specific dietary regiment or have food allergies, the following Gluten Free and Vegetarian options are available to guests with special dietary requirements. Please refer to the festival program booklet for locations which you receive at the gate entrance.

Due to high volume production, The Renaissance Festival food locations cannot accommodate or guarantee separation of cooking surfaces. Those guests who suffer from sensitive or life-threatening allergies (such as peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, eggs and wheat) should exercise extreme caution as foods are transported, stored and prepared in close proximity.

Mid America Festivals is providing this information for informational purposes only. Neither MAF, its subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, vendors and/or employees assume responsibility for sensitivity or allergy to any food product or ingredient provided by or in our festival.

The Bay Area Renaissance Festival allows guests to bring in one factory sealed 20 oz or smaller bottle of water per person. Water can also be purchased at over 10 different locations on site.
The Bay Area Renaissance Festival is dog friendly! Whether you have a big dog or small dog, you may bring your dog as long as they are 6 months or older. We do not allow patrons to bring their pet chicken, bird, snake, cat, monkey, turtle, or any other type of animal outside of a dog.

We regret the inconvenience, but this season will not feature Festival Friday.

Please visit our theme weekends, here.

Yes. 10 ATM machines are located on the Festival grounds. See the Festival Map to find one.

General Questions

Unleash your inner time traveler and embark on a group adventure unlike any other!

Step back in time to a meticulously recreated 16th-century village, where cobblestone paths wind through a bustling marketplace. Over 80 unique shops await, brimming with handcrafted treasures, delectable treats, and games that will test your wit and skill.

Numerous costumed characters bring the era to life with vibrant performances throughout the day, while human-powered rides whisk you away on a journey of whimsy. But that’s not all! Each of our seven themed weekends offers a fresh adventure, with unique programs, activities, and surprises waiting to be discovered.

Gather your group, unleash your inner explorer, and prepare to be swept away by a time-traveling experience like no other!

Here’s a taste of what awaits:

  • Explore: Wander through charming shops, marvel at artisan crafts, and savor delicious festival treats.
  • Play: Put your skills to the test in old-fashioned games and conquer thrilling human-powered rides.
  • Immerse: Witness the magic of costumed performers, storytellers, and musicians who bring the 16th century to life.
  • Discover: Each themed weekend unveils new surprises – from swashbuckling pirates to festive celebrations.

This is more than just an outing, it’s an unforgettable adventure that will create memories that last a lifetime.

Ready to start your time travel journey? Get your tickets today!

We run an annual Deaf Awareness Weekend every year during our Festival season! During this weekend, interpreters can be found at most stages on Festival grounds. Weekend dates TBA.
All film rights are reserved. Commercial use of photos, videos or audio tapes made at the festival without written permission from the marketing department is strictly prohibited. Any cameras with lenses over 12 inches must have prior approval from the marketing department to shoot photos on the Bay Area Renaissance Festival grounds. If you have any questions, please call 352-999-5946.
The Festival is held in a natural, outdoor setting. Wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs are allowed. We have disabled accessible parking and disabled accessible portable toilets.
Food prices vary anywhere from, $4 up-to $11. We offer a wide variety of food choices for your pleasure. Also 10 ATM machines are located on the Festival grounds.
No, but we have a costume contest that occurs every day. Check our downloadable weekly schedule under each theme weekend to review the time and location of the contest.

Unfortunately, we do not offer the rental of electric wheelchairs, wagons, or strollers for the festival. Additionally, we regrettably do not have any regular wheelchairs available for rent.

Yes, we do allow strollers and wagons on the grounds.

Unfortunately, we do not have baby changing stations or an area for breast feeding.

We do not have lockers or any type of storage/holding area for patrons belongings.

All bags, purses, pouches, backpacks, waist packs, etc. are subject to inspection prior to entering. Sharp objects (including pocket knives and metal chains), firearms, or other items that could be considered a weapon are strictly prohibited on Festival grounds and should be left at home or secured in your vehicle.

Admission Questions

We do not issue rain checks or refunds. We are open rain or shine, and all acts will be performed as scheduled unless conditions threaten the safety of the participants.

Please refer to our tickets page for price information: Tickets Page

Most vendors/food booths accept credit/debit cards. Also, there are ATMs available throughout the park. Festival does not accept personal checks or foreign currency in any locations. Our box office accepts credit/debit cards.

Please check our Promotions page. It displays each theme weekend ticket promotions.

Yes. Active military, vets, & first responders receive $5.00 off their gate admission with the proper ID. Festival Friday, all military & 1st responders get in FREE.

Enjoy the Full Festival Experience!

Your admission ticket gives you access to all the exciting stage shows, including thrilling jousting competitions! Be wowed by the skill and daring of the knights as they clash in exhilarating displays of medieval combat.

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there! Feel free to browse our selection of unique arts and crafts, perfect for finding one-of-a-kind treasures. We also offer a variety of delicious food and refreshing beverages to keep you fueled throughout the day. And if you’re looking for a bit of extra excitement, be sure to check out our rides and games! With options for all ages and interests, there’s something for everyone.

Please note that while access to the stage shows is included, additional costs may apply for arts and crafts, food and beverages, and rides and games.

We hope you have a fantastic time at the festival!

Yes. Please have your hand stamped at the gate when you leave. When you re-enter the Park, show your stamped hand for re-entry. Festival only allows same day re-entry to the grounds. Re-admission is not allowed after 6pm.


No dogs under the age of
6 months are allowed.

To be eligible to bring your dog to the Fest the following terms must be met.

Fill out the Dog Registration Form: DOWNLOAD FORM

If you bring your dog for the day, it is $10 per dog with your own photo. If we have to take a photo of your dog, it is an extra $5.

Bring Proof of Rabies Vaccination with dates in one of the following forms:

  • Proof of shots from Veterinarian
  • Tag on Pet with date of expiration

Bring your dog to Dog Check-In prior to entry.


No other pets will be allowed on festival grounds!

All Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

Dog leashes can not exceed 4 feet.

Owners must clean up after their dogs.

Only one dog per owner will be allowed.

Dog Owners must report any accidents to first aid immediately.

All Dogs must have their festival tag visible at all times.



Service Dog owners are not required to fill out this form, register, sign in, or pay a Pet Fee.

Service Dog owners may enter any gate.

Service Dogs must wear their collar with appropriate proof of required vaccinations, if any.
It is unlawful for an individual to misrepresent their pet as a Service Dog.

Welcome to a world of merriment and adventure, but please leave your real-world weapons behind!

For the safety and enjoyment of all our guests, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following guidelines regarding weapons and accessories at the Renaissance Festival:

  • Firearms are strictly prohibited on the premises. You’ll find plenty of other exciting ways to experience the thrill of the Renaissance!
  • Swords and daggers are welcome, but must be sheathed at all times with no part of the blade visible. To ensure everyone’s safety, we require them to be securely zip-tied (peace bound or peace tied). We conveniently provide zip ties at all entrances.
  • Looking for more variety? Plastic and wooden toy weapons are allowed, but please use them responsibly and avoid accidentally striking others. They don’t need to be sheathed or zip-tied, but remember, safety first!
  • Leave the axes, claymores, maces, antique firearms, pikes, and halberds at home. These are a bit too realistic for our festive atmosphere.
  • Bows are generally not allowed, except for participants in specific events like the longbow competition. In that case, bows must be kept unstrung while being transported to and from the designated area.
  • All costume elements should be free of sharp objects, pointed objects, or materials that could cause harm. Let’s focus on enjoying the spirit of the Renaissance, not reenacting battlefields!
  • Guests under 18 are not permitted to carry any weapons. Everyone needs to feel safe and comfortable.

By following these simple guidelines, you can help ensure a magical and memorable experience for everyone at the Renaissance Festival. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 352-999-5946.

We look forward to welcoming you to a world of laughter, adventure, and good times!

Purpose: Mid-America Festivals, Corp. (“Festival”) desires to provide a positive and productive business and entertainment environment. To that end, the Festival is committed to providing a business and entertainment environment that is free of discrimination and harassment, and to provide a means of dealing with such incidents should they occur.

Policy: Harassment or discrimination, in any form, will not be tolerated at the Festival by any of its employees, vendors, or independent contractors. This includes harassment based upon a person’s race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, creed, marital status, veteran’s status, status with regard to public assistance and/or sexual orientation and any other category protected by law. This policy applies to all employees, supervisors, managers and officers of the Festival, as well as to any vendor or independent contractor of the Festival. If, after appropriate investigation, harassment or discrimination is found to have occurred, the initiator will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, depending on the circumstances, up to and including termination of the employment and/or business relationship.

Harassment is verbal or physical conduct that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual because of his/her race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, creed, marital status, veteran’s status, status with regard to public assistance or sexual orientation and any other category protected by law, or that of his/her relatives, friends, or associates and that:

Has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive business or entertainment environment;
Has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance; or
Otherwise adversely affects an individual’s employment opportunities. Sexual harassment is defined in accordance with the Equal-Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Guidelines, issued November 10, 1980 as:
Harassment on the basis of sex is a violation of Section 703 of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when:

Submission to such conduct is made explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s employment;

Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as a basis for employment decisions affecting such individual;

Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.

Harassment can occur intentionally or unintentionally. Some examples of conduct that is prohibited by this policy are listed below. Please note that these are not the only examples.

Epithets, slurs, negative stereotyping, or threatening, intimidating or hostile acts that relate to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, creed, marital status, veteran’s status, status with regard to public assistance or sexual orientation and any other category protected by law;

Written or graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual or group because of their race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, creed, marital status, veteran’s status, status with regard to public assistance or sexual orientation and any other category protected by law that is placed on walls, bulletin boards or elsewhere on the Festival’s premises or circulated throughout the workplace or entertainment areas;

Unwanted sexual comments, innuendoes, flirtations, propositions, or suggestions;

Use of offensive words of a sexual nature describing body parts or the sexual act, telling “suggestive” jokes or stories, and conversations about sexual exploits, sexual preferences, and desires or suggestive or sexist remarks about a person’s clothing or body;

Unwanted and unnecessary touching, brushing against, patting or pinching;

Displaying, in the work or entertainment area, pictures, objects, cartoons, pornographic magazines, or representations of any action or subject which is sexual in nature, depicting nude, scantily clad or suggestively posed women or men and which can be perceived as offensive;

Sabotaging another’s character, reputation, work effects, or property because of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, creed, marital status, veteran’s status, status with regard to public assistance or sexual orientation and any other category protected by law;

Direct and/or indirect suggestions, requests, or demands that an employee’s job security, job assignment, conditions of employment, or opportunities for advancement depend in any way on the granting of sexual favors; or

Sexual relations accompanied by implied or overt threats or promises.

Procedure: Persons who believe they have been victimized through or witnessed harassment or discrimination should report those incidents so that we may promptly address the problem. You may report your concerns to any of the following:

Immediate supervisor; or
Any member of management; or
General Manager; or
The President.
All complaints of harassment and/or discrimination will be examined impartially without prejudice and without malice toward the reporting party regardless of the status of the person accused. Information provided will be released only on a need to know basis. After an investigation of the allegations, a determination will be made, and resulting action will be recommended to management. The investigation may include interviews with the individual making the charges, the accused individual and appropriate witnesses. All employees or contractors with information are required to participate in an investigation if asked to do so by the Festival.

All determinations are made on an individual basis. The Festival has the discretion to apply any sanctions or a combination of sanctions to eliminate any unlawful conduct and remedy the impact of any harassment or discrimination, such as:

Counseling the offender;
Transferring the offender to another position;
Placing the offender on probation, with a warning of suspension or discharge for continuing or recurring offenses;
Placing the offender on suspension with or without pay;
Discharging the offender; or
Terminating the business relationship with the offender.
The Festival encourages individuals to make accurate reports of harassment and/or discrimination and provide as much information to the Festival as possible so that it may properly and thoroughly investigate the report.

The Festival will not condone retaliation against any individual who reports possible harassment or discrimination or assists in an investigation of possible harassment or discrimination.

If you have questions about whether conduct is permissible under this policy, you should discuss it with your supervisor, department manager or the Event Manager.


Alcohol service will only be provided to guests 21 or older who show a valid, government-issued photo ID. The Bay Area Renaissance Festival reserves the right to refuse service to any individual who appears to be impaired or intoxicated. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Costumes and attire must be family-friendly and may not be offensive, obstructive, violent or otherwise objectionable.

Footwear is required at all times.

Guests wearing bulky or layered clothing may be subject to additional security screening.

Guests who do not adhere to the costume/weapons policy may be refused entry and/or removed, unless the costume or attire can be modified to meet the above standards.

When entering the Festival shirts and shoes/appropriate attire are required.
Patrons over 21 years old are permitted to smoke cigarettes. You may NOT smoke in pubs, enclosed buildings, vendor booths and seating areas near stages. If you have any questions, please call 352-999-5946.

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