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2025 Guest Vendor App
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We are currently in the process of seeking exceptional vendors who specialize in
crafting handcrafted art and crafts to participate in the Bay Area Renaissance festival.

In order to maintain the high quality and consistency of our food offerings, we kindly ask that no external food establishments, including those selling burgers, tacos, pretzels, liquor, food trucks, or specialty beverages, sell their products within our venue. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation. If you are involved in the beverage industry, we kindly request that you refrain from submitting an application.

Farewell, fellow travelers! Thank you for making the 2024 Bay Area Renaissance Festival a season to remember. We were continually amazed by the talent and passion of our artisans. We can’t wait to see what wonders you’ll bring next year!

*At this time we are not accepting 2025 submissions. 
Please check back in Nov/Dec to submit an application.*

Huzzah to a new year!

Huzzah and Cheers For 45 Years!

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