Pirates May Plunder but Pets Prevail

Photo by: Karen Simpson

March 4, 1544

It was a rather interesting weekend in the Village of Fittleworth. Never before have I seen a celebration of Pirates, as they have never been painted in much of a positive light, but that is exactly what I witnessed. Every where you looked, you could see Villagers and Festivalgoers dressed as Pirates, playing games and letting out their best ARRRGH.

Not only did I find many Pirates around the Village, but there were also many Pets. Dare I say the Pets stole the Spotlight this weekend? There were people teaching lessons on how to train, people selling dog goodies and even people showing off their dogs different talents. I had a chance to sit down an watch a few competitions. The diving dogs were spectacular! One of the funniest things though was the Weiner Dog Races; poor things have such a hard time keeping their back-ends where they should be.

Ultimate Air Dogs

Speaking of animals, there was one in the Village that I finally had a chance to meet this weekend. I had read about them a great many times, even had seen drawings of the Majestic beasts, but I was still not quite convinced of their existence.

That’s right, I’m talking about a Unicorn. She was so beautiful and sweet. The children in the Realm loved being able to pet her and have their opportunity to make a wish with some of the Unicorns Magic Glitter.

This was a very eventful weekend and I cannot wait to tell you more of my experiences in the Village of Fittleworth. I hear that next weekend there is to be a new invasion…. Barbarians.

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