The Festivities Have Begun

February 18, 1544

Wow, what a weekend to begin the Festivities in Fittleworth. A true celebration of Scottish Heritage with Heavy Games, Celtic Dancers, Pipe and Drum Bands and Hysterical Competitions.

I got a chance to watch some of the Heavy Games and you wouldn’t believe the strength of the men competing. 7 different events made up the games including my all time favorite sight to see, the caber toss. If never have you experienced a caber toss, this is when competitors toss the caber (full-sized log) into the air so that it turns end over end before hitting the ground. Do you think that you could toss a tree into the air?

After the games, I got to enjoy a really great Pipe Band, Blue Skye Pipes and Drums. This ALL Female pipe and drum band filled the air with Celtic instruments, such as bagpipes, harp, fiddles, guitar and of course booming drums.

Another Band at the Festival that really caught my eye was Pictus. I could tell they were truly proud of their Highland and Scottish Culture and put it on full display during their performances including stories and tales, bagpipes, drums and Irish Dance. I am told that they will be sticking around the Village for another set of performances this upcoming weekend, February 23 and 24.

Oh, and let us not forget to talk about the Men in Kilts competition. What a laugh that was. Men got up in front of the crowds and strutted their stuff for none other than the Queen herself. There were moments when I tell you, I had to divert my eyes. The Queen got a real kick out of the competition though. It wasn’t too difficult for her to crown the best in the realm.

Photo © JoseCheito Photography

There are so many great things coming up in the Village of Fittleworth. I have been speaking to some of the amazing villagers and entertainers and cannot wait to tell you more about them.

Stay tuned,